• Suction to support the material feed.
  • Functional parameters can be set in programmable control and allow optimal adjustment to the material being pumped.
  • Low inlet air portion in material flow.
  • Gentle conveying thanks to low flow rate.
  • Low pressure conditions and low conveying air portions require comparatively small dust suction and removing equipment.
  • No need of large expansion space at receiving station due to low end surge.
  • The receiving station is structurally not subject to the Pressure Equipment Directive (system pressure <0.5 bar). no inspection obligation
  • Permanent pressure control registers compressions in the feed line and inhibits them by adding purging air.
  • Intrinsic safety of the system is guaranteed by shutting of the conveying equipment when an adjustable pressure limit for the feed line is reached.
  • Automatic, timed purging of the feed line with purging air after every handling operation.
  • Optimal cleaning of the pump chambers by directly flowing the movable membrane system.
  • Combination of suction/pressure conveying and compact design allow flexible use.
  • Optimal integration into existing processes thanks to variable design.
  • Can be used in explosive areas
  • Can be used as a dosing element for direct feeding of agitators, mixers etc.