DASAG Powder Pump

The DASAG powder pump is the centrepiece of a modern and sustainable conveying and dosing system for powder and bulk goods. Its seemingly simple operating principle is the result of years of development in apparatus and control engineering. This know-how enables us to provide solutions for a wide range of different conveying characteristics, conveying capacities, dosing accuracies, conveyed material and active fluid media tailored to your needs.

There are plenty of options to adapt to special customer needs. Among many others, we can offer adaptations for wear protection, chemical resistance, cleanability, explosion protection for this unit to meet your specific requirements.

Your advantages:

  • Suctioning effect
  • Low proportion of conveying gas
  • Small filter surfaces in phase separation systems
  • Low flow velocities
  • Low-shear conveying
  • Small sloshing effect
  • Freely programmable controls
  • Can be combined with suction power enhancer
  • Optimum integration into existing processes

Operating Principle

Arbeitsprinzip der Pulverpumpe

Typical Areas of Application

  1. Gravimetric dosing and conveying of bulk goods from all kinds of container emptying stations (big bag emptying stations, bag emptying stations)
  2. Charging of stirring systems and mixers 
  3. Dosing and conveying from container scales to stirring systems and mixers
  4. Pneumatic conveying of multi-component bulk goods in silos without demixing during transport
  5. Charging of filling systems for all kinds of containers
  6. Spillage conveying from packaging and dedusting systems


  • Standard DASAG-Pulverpumpe mit Vorbehälter im Rahmengestell
  • DASAG-Pulverpumpe als Austrags- und Dosiereinheit unter Behältern
  • DASAG-Pulverpumpe SD80G3 mit Ex Klassifizierung II 1/3 D T 95°C X
  • DASAG-Pulverpumpe als zentrales Förderaggregat

DASAG Duo and Trio Powder Pump Systems

Increased conveying capacity to one target or simultaneous conveying to several targets.


  • Pulverpumpe Duo-System
  • Pulverpumpe Trio-System