Safety and efficiency are important criteria to be met by our systems in the chemicals industry. Both non-critical materials and hazardous substances in powder and granulate form can be emptied, conveyed and dosed using our systems. Often, the DASAG powder pump is the centrepiece of our systems. Our pump is an alternative to conventional pneumatic conveying systems. Integrated into emptying systems for bags, containers, drums and FIBC (Big Bags) or installed directly underneath a silo, it conveys your bulk goods to the process for downstream treatment. Dosed addition is performed by the DASAG powder pump or using a rotary feeder or a dosing screw (volumetric or gravimetric).

Our range of services comprises:        

  • emptying and filling systems for FIBC (Big Bags)
  • container emptying stations
  • drum emptying stations
  • bag emptying stations
  • pneumatic conveyor systems
  • Big Bag dosing stations with DASAG powder pump
  • dosing systems
  • systems for directly or indirectly charging reactors, dissolvers, stirring systems and other mixing systems
  • systems for areas with potentially explosive atmospheres


We offer our clients solutions that combine performance, reliability and energy saving.